Featured Artist – Cathy Garner

Lip Service by Cathy Garner 

Our featured artist today is Cathy Garner, whose short film Lip Service is a rumination on the tension between intimacy and alienation. It’s about being too much in your head when you’re meant to be in another’s.

Cathy Garner is an accidental solipsist with a penchant for bad puns. She is great at being hopeless and always plays to her strengths.

Cathy is a guest speaker at ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’ on Friday 13 January, a special screening and panel discussion at the London Short Film Festival about the potential pitfalls of first-time filmmaking and how the next generation of young directors can get their first short films commissioned.

Click here for more information on the event: you can also browse Cathy’s website here.

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