Featured Artist: Matt Miller

The Door to Door Poet by Matt Miller 

Matt Miller’s film debut features performance poet Rowan McCabe as he goes door to door in Newcastle looking to create new work based on the inhabitants’ experiences. A film about fear, boundaries and connection, The Door-To-Door Poet celebrates the place art can have in people’s daily lives.

Matt Miller is a poet and performer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. His poetry has appeared in Magma Magazine and on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Verb’. Also a theatre maker, he’s currently working on a solo theatre project called ‘Sticking’, which focuses on themes of place, identity and belonging.

Matt’s other upcoming work includes a short performance as his alter ego Suzanne Tweddle at the Tyneside Irish Centre in Newcastle on Friday 27 January 2017, and a three-day run of his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Rob Hobson Needs To Talk’ at Alphabetti Theatre.

Visit Matt’s website at www.wordmatt.com or follow him on Twitter @MattMiller2805, or at facebook.com/mattylewismiller

For more information about the Door to Door Poet himself, Rowan McCabe, visit www.doortodoorpoetry.com, follow Rowan on Twitter @DoorstepPoetry or visit facebook.com/doortodoorpoetry.

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