Filmmaker blog: Lizzie Klotz

Our latest blog post is by dance and theatre artist Lizzie J Klotz, whose short film To Suit, a quirky exploration of human mating rituals, was created by working in collaboration with dancers Alys North (above) and Charlie Dearnley and veteran natural history cameraman Paul Williams.

You can watch Lizzie’s film below, and read more about her work at, or via her social media channels:

Twitter: @lizzieklotz 

Instagram: @lizziejklotz 


As a dance maker, I am interested in creating both live and film work.

My most recent live work – To Suit – is a dance-theatre exploration of courtship rituals, drawing comparisons between human and bird behaviour. Following the success of the original live performance of To Suit, I was interested in adapting the work for film.

And then came Random Acts. Overwhelmed and excited by the possibility of developing work for film, I decided to apply with a new piece, Fawn.

I was invited to an interview with Executive Producer Patrick Collerton [] , who fortunately reminded me of my interest in adapting To Suit for film. Thank you Patrick!

So here I am, having successfully adapted the original live work of To Suit.

As the initial research for To Suit was greatly inspired by nature documentaries, framing the work in this style was integral to the adaptation from live work to film. Random Acts provided a unique opportunity to realise this, working with wildlife cameraman Paul Williams – a greatly inspiring experience.

Bach or no Bach? This was perhaps one of the most challenging and difficult choices made throughout the process of Random Acts. Following a number of conversations with the Random Acts team at True North and Tyneside Cinema, it was decided: no Bach.

Instead, I worked with composer Roma Yagnik to develop an original score for the work. Following Random Acts, I have continued to collaborate with Roma, working on my most recent film Millionfish.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Random Acts North team for all of their support and advice throughout the project. It has been exciting, challenging and a great springboard for future work.

My advice for Random Acts applicants would be to follow your nose, whilst knowing that change will most certainly happen on the way. And most of all – enjoy.”

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