Filmmaker Q+A: Yandass Ndlovu

Yandass Ndlovu is a 20-year-old actor, director/choreographer, spoken word artist and creative activist in training.

She is one of 24 young artists currently making films as part of year 2 of Random Acts North, and attended our most recent residential talent development weekend at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

Yandass is from Manchester but spent most of her childhood in Zimbabwe.


What’s inspired you to make your film?

I was inspired by the everyday expression of emotions and wanted to explore fear and human instincts.


Tell us about your Random Acts film in one sentence.

A dance and spoken word piece exploring fear and its consequences


Tell us a bit more about how you plan to bring your idea to life.

I plan to make a fast-paced spoken word piece supported by original music, and exploding with dance and physical reactions


What did you gain from the Random Acts residential weekend you attended recently?

I gained more insight into how much work needs to go into a film and what I have to think about to ensure the cast, creative crew and production crew understand the vision and can help bring it to life.


What do you hope to gain from Random Acts in general?

I hope to gain confidence in creating my own work and acquiring the skills to do so. I believe this has started from this weekend and will continue throughout the process.


In a few words, what’s the best thing about Random Acts?

Meeting like-minded people, and also that the Random Acts project focuses on the artist and what they can create; promoting them and supporting them instead of telling them what to do.


What would you say to someone thinking about applying for next year’s Random Acts project?

DO IT!!!


Applications for Year 3 of Random Acts North are now open (deadline 3 April 2017): click here for more information on how to apply.

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