Featured Artist: Jack Fisher

Away From Now by Jack Fisher

Using innovative 360 degree camera technology, Jack Fisher’s short film Away From Now creates an unsettling immersive experience
that allows the viewer to navigate their way through an everyday landscape of emptiness.

Questioning the influence of wearable technologies, the film becomes an anti-advert for itself. If utopia exists, how do we get there?

Jack Fisher studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and completed an MA at the School of the Damned: Year of The Ram. You can follow him on Twitter @jjjjjjjjjack  or on Facebook at  facebook.com/jyakk

Jack’s upcoming work includes a new online piece  ‘WEAREONE.COMPUTER’ which can be viewed online at www.cosmoscarl.co.uk. He also has a solo show coming up at the T-space gallery in Milan in January 2017.


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